I want to congratulate all students in Bangladesh who have received offers of admission from one of the over 4,500 accredited institutions of higher learning in the United States. Graduates of U.S. universities have gone on to become leaders and innovators in many fields around the world, and you should be proud of the invitation to join a select group of young people whose lives will be changed forever by the dynamism, openness, and quality of campuses across the United States. Offers of admission are the product of much careful thought and hard work, both by the students who apply and by American universities that conduct a rigorous review of these applications. We recognize the energy and creativity you poured into essays about your dreams and ideas, the hard work it took to prepare for English language and other examinations, and the commitments you fulfilled to community service and extra-curricular interests. Over one million international students are now in U.S. higher education institutions, maintaining the United States’ long-standing position as the world’s top host nation for international students. This is a testament to the unmatched quality of American higher education in the eyes of international students and their families. Bangladesh has an impressive history of sending bright and talented students to the United States. Last year more than 6,500 Bangladeshi students attended universities and colleges in the United States. Bangladesh ranks 11th globally for graduate students and 26th for undergraduate students studying in the United States. International students from diverse backgrounds strengthen ties between the United States and countries around the world, developing the relationships between people and communities that are necessary to solv

By Marcia Bernicat on বুধবার, ১৯ এপ্রিল ২০১৭ ১৬:৫৬