Shykh Seraj

Iconic development journalist, Shykh Seraj's facebook page has crossed 2.5 million fan likes. On a video published on Shykh Seraj's official verified facebook page (, he conveyed thanks to his followers by giving credit for being more attached to the development journalism platform and also his works. As a Bangladeshi journalist, he has received highest number of likes. He announced through the video that his personal website, will soon be unveiled for the internet mass. Shykh Seraj spontaneously gave credit to his fans and followers as the video titled, '2.5 million friends on my facebook page' shows. He described in his video that he will remain with his devotees as they have always accompanied him. The dynamic media personality has been active on social media for couple of years and it's pretty much a great accomplishment for the journalist. Shykh Seraj is recognised as a true friend of farmers and have been the `voice' of farmers for the past four decades. A journalist who is working relentlessly for the cause of farmers and farming sector of Bangladesh, he's sometimes referred to as the 'changemaker' and sometimes as the 'advocate' for farmers for all his media activities. From the mainstream media to the social-- Shykh Seraj is everywhere and people's interactivity went to the top for the past five years when he started bringing his many ideas and works to social platforms like YouTube, twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Blogging and many more. Facebook official page of Shykh Seraj has become the hub for people who predominantly love agriculture and farmers and deeply concentrate on Shykh Seraj's development journalism. He started his media career back in the early 80s through his most p

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