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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has assured of settling down Teesta issue during the tenure of Sheikh Hasina's government. `I firmly believe that it is only my government and Excellency Sheikh Hasina,your government, that can and will find an early solution to Teesta Water Sharing,' she told the post-bilateral meeting media briefing at Hyderabad House Saturday. Following is his press statement Excellency, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Members of the media, It is a true pleasure to welcome Her Excellency Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to India. Excellency, Your visit to India comes at an auspicious time, just before the advent of पोयला बोइशाख. I take this opportunity to wish you and the people of Bangladesh शुवो नबा बर्षो Your visit marks another शोनाली अध्याय (golden era) in the friendship between our people and our nations. The extraordinary transformation in our relationship and achievements of our partnership are a clear recognition of your strong and decisive leadership. Your decision to honour Indian soldiers who laid down their lives in the Liberation War of 1971 has deeply touched the people of India. Every Indian takes pride in the knowledge that Indian soldiers and बीर मुक्तिजोधा fought together to liberate Bangladesh from the reign of terror. Friends, Today, Excellency Sheikh Hasina and I held productive and comprehensive discussions on the full range of our partnership. We agreed that the agenda of our cooperation has to remain focused on purposeful action. We specifically looked at charting new avenues and tapping fresh opportunities in advancing our relationship. We want to build cooperation in new areas, especially some high-technology areas, that have a deeper

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