Amnesty International

The Amnesty International observed that Bangladesh government has not only failed to protect dissenting voices or hold accountable the armed groups that threaten them, it has also stifled freedom of expression through a slew of repressive tactics and new laws,. The AI made the observation in a report called `Caught between fear and repression: Attacks on freedom of expression in Bangladesh'. A release of the Amnesty said that the report, published ahead of 'World Press Freedom Day, documented how armed groups have thrived in a climate of impunity, carrying out a high-profile spate of killings of secular bloggers with few consequences. In four years, only a single case has resulted in convictions. It said: Activists also regularly receive death threats, forcing some of them to leave the country for their own safety, while the authorities have refused to offer them protection. The Bangladesh government however denied the allegation. The AI report said: Over the last year, the Bangladesh government has also intensified its crackdown on public debate and criticism, harassing media workers, interfering with their work, and bringing criminal charges against them under draconian laws. “Between the violence of armed groups and state repression of the state, secular voices in Bangladesh are being consistently silenced. Not only is the government failing to protect people’s freedom of expression, it has been blaming them for the threats they face and criminalizing the work of bloggers and journalists through a slew of repressive laws,” said Olof Blomqvist, Amnesty International’s Bangladesh researcher.

By Channel i Online on মঙ্গলবার, ০২ মে ২০১৭ ১৬:০১