When Humayun Ahmed left us five years ago, Aarif Chowdhury, a young sports writer told me that Humayun had been Rabindranath to him and to many of his age. I asked, why? ‘We did not see Rabandranath. But, we saw Humayun who was as prolific as Rabindranath had been. So, he is our Rabandranath Tagore whom we did only not read, whom we saw, whom we talked to and who touched our life in so many ways,’ Aarif told me. As I was editing some scripts on last journey of Humayun Ahmed, Aarif continued: May be end of the day, Humayun Ahmed is a human being, but he was something more than that, he was so prolific, he was so powerful…. Comparing Humayun Ahmed with Rabindranath Tagore, especially from the perspective of philosophical aspects might sounds childish, but we can consider what Suneel Gangopadhyay had said: Humayun is the most powerful writer in Bangla literature. If popularity is one indicator, Humayun Ahmed is obviously the most popular writer in recent time. If number of readers is counted, he was one of the most popular writers in the world history, too. Do you want a proof? See what Google said today in making a Doodle paying rich tributes to late Humayun Ahmed on his birth anniversary. It said: Today’s Doodle celebrates the life of prolific Bangla writer, Humayun Ahmed, who would have turned 69 today. Although formally trained as a chemist, Ahmed found his true calling as a writer. He authored over 200 books, many of which were best sellers and eight of which were made into films. ‘Ahmed is often credited with revitalising Bengali literature. His unique storytelling style captures the oral tradition and rhythm at the root of Bangla, bringing to life the stories and aspirations of traditional middle class and rural families.’ Remembering

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Saudi Arabia's commitment to serve the Muslim community takes many forms. The Kingdom has provided tens of billions of dollars in aid throughout the world. To allow Muslims to perform Hajj in safety and comfort, it has built a vast network of airports, seaports, roads and other facilities, and it has spent huge sums on the expansion work of the Holy Mosque IN Makkah and the Prophet's Mosque in Madinah. It is active in ventures to promote the interests of Muslims everywhere. Saudi Arabia has also undertaken multiple programs in this regard. One of those is the effort to serve Muslim minority communities in non-Muslim countries. Tens of millions of Muslims have settled outside the historic Islamic world. Their communities have prospered and grown and have been supplemented by the conversion to Islam of a large number of people. As the birthplace of Islam and its heartland, Saudi Arabia feels a special responsibility not only to the Islamic world, but also to Muslims living outside of it. To fulfill that responsibility, Saudi Arabia has over the past few decades undertaken endeavors to meet the spiritual needs of this vast and growing community of believers and to strengthen its ties with the Islamic world. Contribution to world infrastructures To realize this objective, the Kingdom has approached it from several angles. The primary channel is to establish Mosques and Islamic centers in areas of large Muslim communities. This effort was accelerated in the 1980s and 1990s resulting in 1500 Mosque and 210 Islamic centers throughout the world with funds from Saudi Arabia. And in continuation to above Saudi Endeavor more mosques and Islamic centers have been established in all corners of the world till to date. These centers are complexes designed to meet not only the spi

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Directed by Akram Khan, the film 'Khacha' hit Star Cineplex and six other theatres throughout the country, on Friday. It is the first feature film based on Hasan Azizul Haque’s story. The government funded film is a production of Impress Telefilm and revolves around what happened during the British colonial period. The film’s production began in 2015, in locations like Narail, Munshiganj and Natore. It was completed during October 2016 and received its censor certificate n August 2017. The

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Political scientist Ali Riaz is also a poet. The Samakal daily today published a poem of him. It touched our hearts. We are publishing a translated version of the poem on Rohingya refugees coming into Bangladesh. Refugees on Boats A l i  R i a z Float, stay afloat Gulp, the luscious blood of your children Swim over your own bloodstream Hatred, suffering fire, burning... Grasps the pastoral ridges of your bondage. Village, the tremor, haunting! The demon light Finds ankle in the blood- Look

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Channel i Facebook page has been given the 'verified' status and thus it has been recognized by the most popular social network site, Facebook as the official page of this news and entertainment operations. The page https://www.facebook.com/channelitv/ was given the official recognition on Tuesday evening. Zahid Newaz Khan, Editor, Channel i Online, expressed his delight saying 'As a huge audience use different social networks to reach media contents, the matter of the verification is a big news for us.' 'On this achievement, we would like to thank our viewers and readers who are the fans and followers of our page. In fact, their support led us to this success. Nonetheless, I congratulate our news team, IT team, research and development team and the consultants of whom efforts and dedications turned Channel i Online into a big source of infotainment,' he said. Zahid added: In this era of social media revolution, people at the consumers' end also need to develop a clear sense that which content is news and which one is NOT. At the same time they should realize which article is for real entertainment and which one is just for creating sensation. `If we can develop news literacy, we'll not be deceived by fake news. May the news literacy grows in us, this is what we wish for on this auspicious day.' Channel i Online's Digital & Multimedia Editor Taufique Ahmed said, 'Facebook enables us to deliver our contents to the audience. So, the verification reduces the scope for others to open fake pages misusing the name of Channel i and Channel i Online and confuse the audience. From now on, people will easily be able to identify the real Facebook page of Channel i https://www.facebook.com/channelitv/.' Taufique Ahmed thanked and conveyed warm greetings to the

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The United states has highly praised Bangladesh's humanitarian assistance extended towards the Rohingya refugees taking shelter to Bangladesh territory. "Most of those displaced by the violence have fled into neighboring Bangladesh and we greatly appreciate the significant efforts of the government of Bangladesh to facilitate humanitarian assistance'', said the White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders. She said: The United States is deeply troubled by the ongoing crisis in northern Rakhine State in Burma, where at least 300,000 people have fled their homes in the wake of attacks on Burmese security posts on August 25. "We reiterate our condemnation of those attacks and ensuing violence." Sanders said: The massive displacement and victimization of people, including large numbers of the ethnic Rohingya community and other minorities, shows that Burmese security forces are not protecting civilians. "We are alarmed by the allegations of human rights abuses, including extrajudicial killings, burning of villages, massacres, and rape, by security forces and by civilians acting with these forces’ consent." The White House called on Burmese security authorities to respect the rule of law, stop the violence, and end the displacement of civilians from all communities. "We also urge Burmese security forces to work with the elected government in implementing the Rakhine Commission’s recommendations." The White House Press Secretary said: We welcome the Burmese government’s commitment to ensure that humanitarian assistance reaches victims as quickly as possible. We urge the government to allow media access to the afflicted areas as soon as possible.

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It appears that the international community has finally started to move on addressing the plight of the Rohingyas in Myanmar and the refugees who crossed to Bangladesh. The questions are whether it will bear any fruits and whether the help will come soon enough for millions inside and outside Myanmar. More than 123,000 Rohingyas from the Rakhaine state has crossed the border to Bangladesh in the face of security operation of the Myanmar Army sine 25 August. Attacks on police and military posts by ARSA prompted the operation. The response of the government is not only disproportionate but described as 'genocide' by many. The simmering conflict since last October has now turned into a catastrophe. The conflict can be traced back to decades of discrimination and persecution of the Rohingyas by the Myanmar regimes and growing radical Buddhist nationalism in the country. These have contributed to the radicalization of Rohingya movement. Indonesia has proposed a 4+1 formula. These four elements consist of (i) restoring stability and security; (ii) maximum restraint and non-violence; (iii) protection to all persons in the Rakhine State, regardless of race and religion; and (iv) the importance of immediate access to humanitarian assistance. Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi has placed the proposal to Aung San Suu Kyi.  Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan spoke Tuesday with Myanmar's State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi. As current head of the Organisation for Islamic Cooperation, Erdogan had discussed the violence with around 20 world leaders. Bangladeshi Nobel laureate Professor Muhammed Yunus has sent an urgent letter to the UN Secretary General urging immediate actions. Pakistani Nobel laureate Malala Yusufzai has also criticized Suu Kyi for her silence on t

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Supreme Court’s (SC) verdict on 16th Amendment is extraordinary considering its observation and analysis on the deep impact of the government on the quality of lives of citizens. The verdict in several places, as reported in the media, lashes out the  bad impact of concentration of power within government over Bangladeshi society and outlines how deteriorating situations in arenas of rights and freedom are directly linked to governance. At one place it sums up the present scenario strongly where it argues: “… the combined result of all this is a crippled society, where a good man does not dream of good things at all, but the bad man is all the more restless to grab a few more bounty..” But surely this is not the Sonar Bangla- our founding father Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman envisioned. This is not the Sonar Bangla—for which our three million fellow countrymen sacrificed their lives. Indeed, the verdict took a very critical look into the executive and legislature and concluded that at present somewhat independent entity of the government though sinking is the judiciary of the country. We are yet to see any detailed response from other two parts of the government. However, in this context, it is necessary to revisit the concept of separation of power among three branches of the government—executive, legislature and judiciary—and checks and balances between these branches—in order to understand the conceptual terrain in which the SC delivered this verdict. At the outset, one should note that most governments have three branches—executive (civil service), legislature and judiciary. The term "trias politica" or "separation of powers" was coined by Charles-Louis de Secondat, baron de La Brède et de Montesquieu, an 18th century Fren

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Bangladesh is a fast growing economy in the South Asian region. A nation with about 160 million people and a strong middle class, Bangladesh, which lies very close to Nepal, offers a good opportunity for Nepalese businessmen and entrepreneurs in the energy, trade, tourism, culture and many other sectors to reap good dividends from the close neighbour's ever growing market potential. However, so far it is business persons and entrepreneurs from Bangladesh who have been taking benefits through their exports of products and services to Nepal. The energy hungry, fast growing Bangladesh will be requiring massive power in a few years' time, and Nepal can benefit if it works to develop the hydro-power sector with an eye on its export to that country. Against this backdrop, The Rising Nepal's Narayan Upadhyay talked with the Ambassador of Bangladesh to Nepal, Mashfee Binte Shams, on issues ranging from trade, power export, business and bilateral cooperation and partnership between the two nations and their people. How do you assess the relationship between Nepal and Bangladesh? The relationship between Nepal and Bangladesh is excellent. This relationship dates back centuries and is based on cultural, historical, linguistic and religious linkages. More recently, during our War of Liberation in 1971, the people and political leaders of Nepal provided moral and material support to our liberation movement. We in Bangladesh are always grateful to Nepal for that, and in gratitude, Bangladesh has bestowed 11 eminent Nepali personalities with the “Friends of Bangladesh” honour. Nepal is also one of the first countries to recognise Bangladesh as an independent nation after we gained our independence. This historic relationship has transformed into excellent relations among

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“Over the years, the meanings of the [Statue of Liberty] have grown until she has become an international icon of freedom and liberty, the most recognizable symbol of democracy in the world,” says the National Park Service, which has responsibility for both the statue and Ellis Island. America will mark the 125th anniversary of the dedication of the Statue of Liberty on October 28 with a huge birthday party. The statue will be honored with a flotilla of ships in New York Harbor, musical performances, speeches, a cake and a massive fireworks display. There will also be a naturalization ceremony welcoming 125 people as U.S. citizens. The 93-meter-high copper beauty was a gift from the people of France in 1886, in recognition of the friendship established during the American Revolution. Completed in France in 1884, the statue was disassembled, shipped to New York, and reassembled. On October 28, 1886, it was dedicated in front of thousands of cheering spectators. The idea of the statue originated around 1865 with Édouard de Laboulaye, a French law professor, politician and writer who wanted to foster the bond between the United States and France with a monument dedicated to their shared ideals of freedom and independence. Artist Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi, who was known for large-scale work, was commissioned to design the sculpture. Bartholdi traveled to the United States to look for a location for the monument and decided on a small island in New York Harbor called Bedloe’s Island (renamed Liberty Island in 1956). Since the statue was a joint effort between America and France, it was agreed that the American people would build the pedestal while the French people would be responsible for the statue and assembly. In France, funds came in from city governments,

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