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Channel i is a privately owned Television network in Bangladesh. It is owned by the Impress Group, among the largest conglomerates in Bangladesh with interests in mediapharmaceuticals, aviation & textiles.

The Impress Group first moved beyond textile production and into television in the early 1980s under the tutelage of Faridur Reza Sagor, who had heretofore worked at state-run Bangladesh Television (BTV) on a freelance basis. The initial steps into television involved setting up Impress Telefilm, which produced small mini-series and one-off shows for BTV.

In the 1987, Impress Group looked into starting up its own satellite channel. Channel i was launched in the June 1, 1987, broadcasting pre-recorded programs 12 hours day. Within two years of its official launch, Channel i began broadcasting 24 hours a day and became the first digital channel in Bangladesh.

Currently, Channel i competes with several other domestic satellite channels, . For the past decade, the channel has held the highest market share among non-terrestrial channels in Bangladesh.

It currently broadcasts satellite transmissions using PanAm Sat, which covers most of Asia and parts of Australia. Channel i started transmissions on October 1, 1999.

Not only focusing on the business most devoted to its audience in the age of globalization and competitive media channel I remains ever so compact, the main reason behind this firmness is Patriotism.
Channel –I sings the glorious heart appealing song of glorious Independence, democracy, governance and cultural heritage through its course of advancement.


The continuous endeavor towards development is engraved in the process for two hundred and fifty million Bengali speaking people. This roll of a television channel is worthy of being followed worldwide.


1st of October 1999 by Impress Group


NEWS and PROGRAMS and live Programs .Information from everywhere around the world news for the Bengali community across the globe Channel I news has played the role of the best HUB of news for more than 12 years.

Bangladesh is an agrarian country where 75% people here live on agriculture, looking at this undeniable reality Channel I has been is putting its significant roll to promote the causes of farmers on media and send their messages directly to the policy level through the programme Ridoye mati o Manush ‘ an ideal platform of the farmers to raise their voice .

Channel I is the pioneer to start the first ever individual agriculture bulletin in Bangladesh. Free flow of Information has moved onwards with lightning pace. The role of media is highest at point of world class feature films. National film festival Award 2011Impress telefilm limited’s feature film “Guerilla “achieved awards in 10 categories.

Pure Music, Contemporary drama is rhythm of a transmission each day.

Tritio Mattra is often regarded as mini parliament where political leaders from government and opposition parties take part in the political debate which has established the culture of democratic accountability in Bangladesh .

“Prokkrity O Jibon “ Channel I is regularly broadcasting Bangladesh’s first ever nature and environmental documentary “Prokkrity O Jibon “ nature and life , it is the first ever complete program of its kind in the history of television media of Bangladesh , Channel I believes only a healthy nature is the key to lead a healthy life .

Bijoy theke Bijoye , for the first time ever in Bangladesh history Bangladesh army and Channel I celebrated the Glorious Victory day for seventeen successive days in 2012 where Channel I was the media partner. The program and program coverage was broadcast throughout December in moth of victory across Bangladesh.

This year Channel I with the partnership of Robi and with the alliance organized the creation of biggest human flag of the world which became the record of world record book.

Greeting Bengali New Year, every year Channel-I welcome the POHELA BOISHAKH, the Bengali New Year as thousands of vocalists sing the traditional tunes of Bengal on first day of Bengali moth Boishakh, this is a unique way to revive the ancient Bengali cultural heritage.

CityCell Channel I Music Awards , the biggest award ceremony and television program presents all the artists on a single stage of honour, which has become the biggest Musical award program of south east Asia. This year the program crossed the border line of Bangladesh and became the biggest Bangladesh program outside of Bangladesh took place in Doha, Qatar where sixty thousand people met the urge of music of their motherland Bangladesh.

‘Rong Tulite Muktijuddho’ painters on glorious Independence day, on the Independence Day 26th March channel I presents the program where the prominent Artists of the country portray the Great Liberation war and Independence with their artistic touches on the canvas .

Meridian Channel I khudey Gaan Raaj , the greatest platform for the little singing maestros of Bangladesh , Meridian Channel I Khudey gaan Raaj commenced its 4th season in 2013 in a grandest fashion . which is the greatest show in the television history of Bangladesh with the little maestros of singing souls .

“Ami Ma hote Cholechi “
One of the noteworthy objectives of Millennium development goal is to reduce the child mortality rate of Bangladesh while they are precarious in their mother womb, Channel I has been broadcasting regular program “I am going to be a mother “ based on mother and the child health.

“Emami fair & Handsome Channel I , Handsome the ultimate man “ Powered by Bangladesh NAVY , Channel I has arranged and initiated the battle of toughness , a high voltage reality show for men from 2012 with Bangladesh navy in search of bright and dynamic young male Icons for the visual media .

The Traffic Signal , Channel I has launched a brand new program titled “The Traffic Signal “ based on the road transportation and communication know how to create awareness among people about the traffic laws .

“Dip Shikha “ Channel I is broadcasting a competitive program titled Dip Shikha , the Lamp Flame participated from the children of financially and socially deprived families .

“FLP “The Future Leaders Programme in business , Channel I initiated a brand new program for business graduates who have the golden opportunity to full fill their dream achieving full fees Scholarship in MBA program in European, worlds best universities , this year the Future Leaders Program declared the march of Business and Science Graduates .

“Shorno Kishoree “, Shorno kishoree network is launched in Channel I where 20 million girls will create the country’s biggest network for awareness at adolescent health and secured motherhood.

Transparent talk shows , patriotism……… since inception till date Channel I is a pro liberation , patriotism , humanity and democracy based television which runs through the hearts of billions of audience 24 hours a day 365 days a year .

Channel I there, where the lives of the people speak, Channel I is there, right at the pick of the mountain of success, and the journey moves ahead.

Now the satellite culture is well explored and vast , media is its maturity , even an info entertainment television channel besides instigating patriotism can also invoke positive thought on development among the people.

Channel I believes, Channel I is the true instance of this activity.

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